What is Hash (SHA 256)?

SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) is a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). SHA-256 is one of hash functions in SHA family.

SHA-256 is widely used to protect users safety. The Bitcoin network also uses SHA-256 for mining and address generation.

How to verify release hash?

Verify on Windows

There are several tools available to verify checksum at Windows, For the following instructions, File Checksum Tool will be used as an example to show for your convenience how the verification is working. Start the tool from where you have saved the downloaded file.

  • 1) File to Verify: Insert the path and filename of the downloaded AOO file. The [Browse] button will help to locate it with the Windows Explorer.
  • 2) Hashing Algorithm: Choose "SHA-256".
  • 3) File Checksum: Click on [Calculate Hash].
  • 4) Verify With: Paste the hash from the SHA256 / MD5 file you have downloaded. First you have to open it and copy the hash value.
  • Finally, click on [Compare].

Verify on macOS

Open a terminal (usually from here: "/Applications/Utilities"). Type in the following commands:

cd {path_to_installer}
openssl dgst -sha256 {installer}.dmg
cd {path_to_installer}
shasum -a 256 {installer}.dmg
Now compare the hash generated by OpenSSL with the value in the file.

If the hashes do not match, please see the section below.

What to do when the values do not match?


If the values do not match, your downloaded installer is broken. Please try the download again, and recheck.

If the check still fails, try another browser if possible.

If you are using a proxy server to get connected to the Internet try to disable this if your Internet Service Provider is allowing this. Or enable it if it is disabled at the moment.

If you still get no matching values and you are sure it is not caused by an error during downloading, please contact us for help.