About Us

Our Mission

Unleash global liquidity of assets by applying blockchain technologies conscientiously.

Our Story

We’ve always been obsessed with making things better for everyone.

Back in 2009, that meant designing a new way to keep assets and transfer. That’s Bitcoin. Today, it means designing a more enlightened way of blockchain.

Most blockchain Apps and solutions are dens. We want to change this. So we’re building a set of solutions for all your needs, both in business and personal daily use. A better way to access blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We provides various best products and services. So you can focus on what matters.

Our Team

We are CREATORS and PROBLEM SOLVERS. We are entrepreneurs, innovators, academic researchers, product experts and crazy coders. We view Fox.ONE’s culture as a competitive advantage and strive to create an environment where smart and creative people succeed. We think big and work hard. We constantly push to be better.